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How do I apply a Theme to my class?

Haiku Team
posted this on August 16, 2012 11:27 AM

Q. I would like to change the look of my class. How can I do that? Are there Themes I can browse?

A. You can browse the Haiku Theme Library (or create your own Themes) by clicking on the Theme Editor on the upper right hand corner of your Class Page. (For instructions specific for schools, please see this article.)

To view or create Themes:

  1. Click on the Themes Tool icon: 


  2. At top of the Themes Tool you will see a couple of tabs, including School Themes, My Themes and/or Haiku Themes, depending on the settings your school has chosen. Click on Haiku Themes to browse the Haiku Theme library.
  3. They will be there! Filter Themes by categories like Textures, Holidays, and Natural themes, or view All of the Haiku Themes at once. Click on a theme to Preview it, then select Apply to save changes, or Apply & Edit to save an editable copy of the pre-existing theme.  Find a theme to match your style and the feel for your class!



Our theme collection will continue to grow – so be sure to check back!

Note: Schools can enable Haiku Themes or they can turn them off. For an idea of what's in the Haiku Theme library, click here



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Amy Bolick
Artios Academies

Love the new themes!  However, the 'preview' only worked for 'School Themes' not for the 'Haiku Themes'.  When I selected a theme from the 'school themes' list, the bottom half of the page changed to Preview the new color scheme.   If I selected one of the Haiku themes, I could see the small version of the theme in the upper left of the Theme selection area but my class page went back to the theme I had previously applied.  

August 18, 2012 01:28 PM
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