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Technical Requirements / Supported Browsers

Elizabeth Falcón
posted this on April 28, 2009 03:11 PM

If your Haiku Learning class is visible to the public, people can view your page using just about any modern browser.

However, for logged in users (e.g. Teachers, Students & Parents) to use the more advanced feature, such as Assessments, Discussions, and the Dropbox, the browser requirements are more strict. This allows us to provide you with great functionality and reduce the amount of time you spend maintaining content.

Currently supported browsers for advanced features:

Beta Browsers

The following browsers are expected to work well with Haiku Learning, but are not being actively tested for compatibility at this time.

  • We do not have any browsers in Beta at this time.  We'll be sure to update this when we do!

Tablet Browsers

Haiku Learning is dedicated to support and enhance its list of supported mobile OS devices.

We currently test the Haiku Learning Web App on the following tablets:

  1. Amazon Kindle Fire (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  2. Apple iPad (all versions) 
  3. Google Nexus 7 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  4. Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 (Ice Cream Sandwich)

Phone Browsers

You can access Haiku from these devices, but you should do so knowing that some Haiku features are not fully supported by the phone OS.  

Legacy Browsers

The following browsers are out of date and are no longer tested for use with Haiku. Using them may result in some features being inaccessible. We strongly recommend you upgrade to a newer version of your browser for improved security and performance.

More Information

If you're curious about what behavior to expect if you use a browser that is under review, has limited support or is un-supported, please read this article. We also offer more information about how we test supported browsers.

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