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[t] Embedding Content from Other Sites

Elizabeth Falcón
posted this on April 29, 2009 06:55 AM

 Q. How can I embed outside content into my Haiku class? 

A. The Embed the Web™ feature is designed to allow teachers to use interactive content from other web services inside their classroom environment, which allows students to easily access information/resources in a contained and focused way. Embedable services available through Haiku Learning  include del.icio.usTeacherTubeDiggFacebookGoogle MapsScribd and hundreds more.

To use this feature:
1. Click on the Add Content Block button inside your class on the page in which you would like to embed something.
2. Click on the Embed the Web™ button in the window that pops up (under the Content Tab toward the bottom of the screen). 
3. The Embed the Web™ - create widget window will pop up, where you may browse Haiku for the available services using the menu to the left. The embedable services are divided into categories based on their function (e.g. chat, maps, online documents, etc.) If you would like to view the entire list of available services (without category division), click on the All link. If you don't see the service you are looking for, click on the Suggest Tab at the top of the screen and enter in your suggestion.
*Hint: If you already a pro and know what service you want to use/what to do, click on the Quick Add link to paste the embedable link provided by your service of choice. 

4. To select a service, click first on the menu category you want, then select a service to the right, either by clicking on the name of the service or the read more button. A window will appear with the full description of the service. There are also two buttons, View Site (or Guide Me) and I'm ready to paste. View Site (or the Guide Me option) will take you directly to the website of the service you have selected (the Guide Me option, if available will give you step by step instructions at the top of the screen guiding you through the embedding process). The instructions will have a little button at the end that will take you back to your Haiku class, exactly where you need to go to paste the embed code. The I'm ready to paste button assumes that you have already found the embed code on the desired site page and will take you to a window where you can immediately paste that code. 
*Hint: If you don't see a Guide Me button, but instead see a View Site button, that means that the Guide Me instructions have not been written for that particular site. The View Site button will take you to the site, where you can browse around to find the embeddable code.

5. After found and pasted your code
click the Next button. The window that pops up will allow you to name the content block in which the embedded service (also called a widget) will appear.  In this window you will also be able to write a short description about it (if desired) and to select where your content block will go on the page (Block Placement), just as you can with all other content blocks. Toward the bottom of the window, you may view/change the embed code (View Code) you have just pasted. 
6. When you are finished, click the Save button.

You now have an embedded content block!  Drag and Drop, delete, or edit the block as you would any other Haiku Learning content block.


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