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Privacy and Security


Haiku Learning classes are SSL encrypted to keep passwords and other important data secure as you communicate with the server.  Class data is stored at one of the leading hosting providers in the country, Rackspace.

The Haiku Learning network is supplied by multiple mega bandwidth connections to ensure connectivity.  Hosted in a highly secure (biometric scanned) location.  You can find out more about Rackspace and its world-class service at their website:

Data Protection

Your data is of the highest importance, and the Haiku Learning team is committed to protecting you against the unlikely event of data loss caused by hardware failure or a software error.  To this end, the Haiku Learning database is backed up nightly and backups are retained for two weeks.  

Files uploaded to Haiku are stored redundantly across multiple secure servers in multiple facilities provided by  Amazon Web Services Simple Storage Service.  You can read more about AWS S3 security at their website: 


Haiku Learning will not sell or distribute your information to any third party without your permission.  You can view our privacy policy here:

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