[s]How do I find my SMS Email Address?

Q:  How do I find my SMS Email Address?

A:  To send you SMS (Text Message) Notifications, Haiku Learning uses the email address associated with your mobile phone.  This is your SMS Email address, and is determined using your mobile phone number and the mobile service provider you use.  

For example, if you phone number is (123) 456-7890 and your mobile service provider is Verizon Wireless, your SMS Email Address will be 1234567890@vtexts.com.  In Haiku we provide you with a list of the most popular carriers in the United States.  Using your selection and the phone number you provide we can determine your SMS Email Address for you.


If your carrier is not included in this list you can still receive Haiku SMS notifications by choosing the Other option from the Service Provider list and entering your SMS Email Address manually.  You can often find the domain and address format your mobile service provider uses by searching the internet for your serivice provider's name and the words "SMS Email Address".  Once you have found the domain and format used by your carrier, use your mobile phone number to determine your SMS Email Address, and enter this into the SMS Email Address field on the User Information tab of the My Account screen in Haiku.  

Once your SMS Email address is registered we will send a confirmation code.  You can follow the link provided, or click on the confirm link in Haiku to enter your confirmation code and begin receiving SMS Notifications from Haiku.  

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