[d] Integration with your existing SIS, Authentication, Gradebook & Attendance Systems


We know that many schools have existing technology in place whether it's a Student Information System (SIS) to track student enrollment, a Gradebook system used to publish student results to parents or the school district, or an advanced Attendance system used by school administrators. Student information like student names, rosters, classes are equally important to a Learning Management System (LMS) and while you may need to use existing Gradebook & Attendance tools for advanced reporting, some teachers may prefer keeping track of their classroom information from Haiku LMS. Therefore, it is only natural that you desire to have your existing infastructure and your LMS talking to each other to avoid the hassles (and perils) of data double-entry.

Getting Started

Currently we support the following integration options:

Haiku Learning Systems has carefully designed its integration options to make the working with Haiku LMS as streamlined as possible. We are interested in working closely with you to make your integration process a success. While Haiku cannot directly manage your existing systems (e.g. setting up the export process from your SIS or imports into your Gradebook or Attendance tools) many vendors are willing to assist schools with the these processes, but depending on your standing contract may charge a fee.

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