[d] Importing Accounts and Classes into Haiku Learning


For many schools their Student Information System (SIS) acts as the heart of the academic computing environment. Because, student information, like student names, rosters and classes, is equally important to Haiku LMS we offer several methods of integrating with your existing SIS system that we collectively refer to as Domain Imports.

CSV Imports

If you can export data from your SIS into a CSV file, the simplest way to import data into Haiku LMS is use CSV Imports. There are several ways to run CSV imports:

  1. Manually import your rosters once, then use the Haiku LMS web interface to maintain the info after the initial upload. This works well in small schools where teachers and a few technology staff members are entrusted to maintain their own student information over the course of a semester.
  2. Manually import your rosters once, then use the Haiku LMS export feature to maintain your rosters as a comma-delimited text file. This can work well for schools who don't see a lot of changes in rosters over the course of a year, and don't want to deal with the hassle or expense of setting up an auto-update solution.
  3. Setup an automated import by sending the CSV import file via SFTP or making it available over a VPN. Once configured this method is likely to be the most hassle-free. Haiku offers a solid VPN solution through their association with Rackspace, the world's leader in hosting. Rackspace can help setup and monitor the VPN's security settings.*

To help you figure out what information you will need from your SIS to begin the import integration please read the CSV Import Specification. You can also download a sample import file that may help you better understand the specification. Both of these files can also be found by signing in to the Domain Control Admin, then under the Manage Domain menu choose the Import & Exports option. For more help or information please contact us at support@haikulearning.com.

Manual Imports

School administrators can perform a manual import at any time. First login to the Domain Control Center for your domain. Under the Manage Domain menu choose the Import & Exports option. Simply follow the on-screen prompts to upload an import file. Again, please be sure you've read & understand the CSV Import Specification before you start your first import.

Automatic Imports

If you're interested in setting up an automatic import process, please contact us at support@haikulearning.com.


Full Import

Full imports operate as a differential comparison.  Schools and districts upload the full list of the users, classes and rosters that they wish to have active, and the Full Import compares it to the last import and disables any items that do not match.

The Full Import works best for schools and districts that pull information from a single Student Information System (SIS) and do not want to have to touch the import once everything is set up.


Partial Import

Partial Import only adds, modifies or deletes entries that are mentioned in the import.  Schools or districts only upload what has changed.

The Partial Import  works best for schools and districts that pull information from many systems, and thus want a simple means of changing only what is included in the import files.


API Import

If it's important to you that changes made in your SIS are instantly reflected in Haiku LMS, we also offer an API that can handle imports & exports of student, roster and class details. For more information & access the full API documentation please contact us at support@haikulearning.com.

Clever Import

Clever Import automates the data extraction and import of select SISes. Essentially you will only need to go through the Clever setup process and continuously ensure your SIS data is correct. 

The Clever Import works best for schools and districts that:
a.) have difficulties exporting data from their SIS
b.) have a Clever supported SIS
c.) do not wish to have parents imported into Haiku
d.) have five physical sites/organizations or less*

*Note: Clever is not available for districts with more than five organizations. 

For more information on the Clever Import please read this article, or feel free to contact us at integrations@haikulearning.com.

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