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[d] Can I hide the standard login form if my domain uses Google Apps integration?

Q: Can I hide the standard login form if my domain uses Google Apps integration?

A: Every Haiku Learning domain is currently required to offer both the Google Apps and the standard login form.

We recognize that offering only the Google Apps login can be less confusing to users, and we are interested in knowing how many schools would be interested in this feature. Hiding the standard login form means that only users who are explicitly imported or added via the Google Apps integration will have access to your Haiku Learning domain. Unfortunately, because there are numerous ways to create accounts in Haiku Learning, we cannot currently hide the standard login form without raising many other complications. For example, teachers can invite parents to register for a class, so that they can view their children's grades. These non-Google accounts need access to the standard login form in order to access Haiku Learning to see these grades.

If we hear from enough schools that they're interested hiding the standard login form we are more than willing to invest the time to release an "allow only Google users" feature that each domain will have the option to enable. However, we can't make this change to your domain at the moment when it has the potential of introducing unexpected or buggy behavior into Haiku Learning.


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    Allison Hart

    We would want this - all parents at our school also have Google Apps accounts so everyone would log in using GApps authentication.

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