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Jen Weaver Apr 07 For Teachers, Students & Parents / Standards-Based Grading

Q: What kinds of SBG Progress Reports can I create?

A: You can create many types of Progress Reports from your Standards-Based Gradebook. Reports can be generated by specific timeframes (Term, Grading Period, etc.) and by different layouts, as well.

Progress Report Options

Just getting started?  Find out how to create a Standards-Based Progress Report.  

You will see the following options when generating Progress Reports:

  • Full Report (All Terms and Grading Periods)
  • Term Report (All Grading Periods for one Term)
  • Grade Period Report (All scores for one Grading Period)

Progress Report Layout

You will also have three options for the layout of the report: 

Mastery Levels - Summary Only

List a Mastery Level for each Standard.


Mastery Level - Include Activities

List a Mastery Level for each Standard and include related Activities.


Activity Scores Only

List by Activity and included associated standard scores. 





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